Saturday, July 25, 2009

my first tomatoes

The veggies in the garden have been growing like crazy lately! I moved the containers have been moved from the back of the house (which was becoming mostly shaded due to the position of the sun and the gigantic oak tree that lives behind our house) - they now reside on the side of the house where they get full sunshine all afternoon. Here's what's in the garden currently:


What you see above is Early Girl tomatoes, Sweet 100 tomatoes, eggplant (I think that's the Rosa Bianca in the picture; I also have a Japanese), and my newest dahlia. Sadly, the first cherry tomato ripened this past week while I was on vacation (that's it starting to blush above), but JR was here to consume it. There were three ripe ones this morning to greet me on my return from Seattle, which I ate straight off the plant. There is little that's better than a fresh tomato warmed by the sunshine. Soon, we will be overrun with them - I can hardly wait!