Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my garden in san carlos

I've been meaning to write about my garden for quite some time. It's my first garden that's in the ground. Or, almost in the ground, I suppose. It's in an 8x4 raised bed that I built myself in the backyard of the house we bought in April. I started on the garden space before we even moved into the house - dug out sod, hauled home dirt and bark and supplies, and put it together as the inside of the house was being painted in preparation for our move.

Here's a picture recap of the progression over the past couple of months:

The garden is in full swing. It's been a little neglected, since I've been traveling for pretty much the past month straight. Here's what's been planted and how it's going so far:

Golden Midget Watermelon: I didn't realize the seeds were supposed to be planted in a hill, so they were off to a slow start, but seem to be growing (little by little).
Lemon Cucumber: Don't seem very happy. Again, not planting the seeds into a mound of dirt might be the issue...
Roma Grape Tomato: Growing like crazy. It's covered with little green tomatoes, that should start to turn red soon.
Swiss Chard: Something (slugs?) has been eating my chard. JR's dad had a good idea for an organic solution that I'm going to try.
Pak Choy: It was up one day, and bolted the next. I didn't get a chance to try it before going out of town, but JR ensures me that he ate some of it before pulling the rest up.
Carrots: I've been thinning them daily and eating the little baby ones as I do. You'll have a hard time convincing me that there is anything better than a fresh carrot from the garden.
Strawberries: I got a couple red, luscious berries from the plant in early June, but haven't seen much action from it since then. I need to consult my gardening book (or my mother).
Rouge D'Hiver Lettuce: According to the back of the seed pack, this is a read romaine heirloom variety from France. It's growing like crazy and has been the basis of many salads as of late.

This weekend, I will spend some long overdue time with my garden. The cucs (and possibly the watermelon) will probably go. Which means I'll have some free space for a few new little plants. Stay tuned to see what else will take root in my garden this year!