Sunday, April 26, 2009

the garden is growing!

My container garden is officially made up of more than one container.

First, a bit of catch up (it's been awhile since I've posted about my garden) - I planted the seedlings from the salad class last weekend - this means the wine barrel's yields will soon include butter lettuce, spinach, Jodie's lettuce (Jodie was the class instructor - the impending lettuce in my garden is from seeds from her lettuce crop last year, we're not sure what kind), nasturtium (creamsicle flowers with edible petals!), and cilantro.

Today, three new containers became part of my garden. In them, I planted early girl tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and basil. I also ripped out my oregano plant from last year (it was getting really woody) and planted some new starts from one of the sprigs. 

On impulse, I grabbed a pack of strawberry seeds when I was at the nursery. I had been wanting strawberry plants, but didn't find any. According to the package, I should have planted them earlier and keep them inside until they sprout, but I decided instead to sow the seeds directly into the wine barrel. We'll see what happens!

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